Hong Kong Social Workers Association Proposed Political Platform to Candidates of 2016 Legislative Council Election Social Welfare Functional Constituency

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Hong Kong Social Workers Association

Proposed Political Platform to Candidates of 2016 Legislative Council Election

Social Welfare Functional Constituency


Social Welfare Service Planning Mechanism:
1.   To urge the Government to speed up the set up and implementation of a long-term Social Welfare Planning Mechanism, which includes formulation of short-term, medium-term and long-term Programme Plan for major services, comparable to the “Rehabilitation Programme Plan" and the "Elderly Programme Plan”, in response to the service demands.

2.   In the formulation of the Social Welfare Planning Mechanism, the Government should secure the provision of           adequate frontline and supervisory social work manpower resources to ensure service quality.


Universal Retirement Protection:

3.   To urge the Government to implement Universal Retirement Protection to ensure  security for the elderly living.


Comprehensive Review and Formulation of Youth Policy:
4.   Young people are important assets for the future development of Hong Kong. In response to the social unrest and various demands among the youth, the Government should formulate a comprehensive Youth Policy which caters their needs for employment, education and upward mobility.
Professional Service:
5.   To urge the Government to provide adequate resources to enable the effective use of social work profession in new services, so that NGOs will employ experienced social workers to take up leading and supervisory role to facilitate the best social impact.
6.   To drive for a mechanism for cross-bureau and cross-departmental collaboration and to rectify the segmentation of polices and services under different bureaus and departments.
Manpower Planning and Professional Development:
7.    To establish continuing professional development of social workers for enhancing qualities of the profession.
8.    To review the policy for training of social workers and provide subsidy to non-degree social workers to acquire the social work degree.
9.    To review the level and mode of sponsorship of the Social Work Training Fund.
10.   To enhance the professional development and career path of frontline social workers.
11.  To promote and establish the accreditation of “Professional Supervision” and to further develop specialized practice in Soical Work.
12.  To unite social workers to promote the professional image and status, and to enhance the professional    commitment, including the roles and functions in social advocacy and social reform. Also to urge the        Government to engage social workers’ participation and collect their views through different platforms.
13.  To drive the Social Workers Registration Board to revise the constitution so that it can better utilize the        resources and enhance the professional system to facilitate the professional development of social workers.
Enhancement of Lump Sum Grant
14.  To urge the Government to work with the social welfare sector to develop a mechanism to increase resources for necessary central administration expenditure. It is to ensure that NGOs have adequate resources to comply with relevant ordinances (e.g. work safety) and auditing requirement, build capacity of the organizations as well as staff members for both administrative work and service quality.
15.  To urge the Government to provide adequate resources to NGOs for increasing employers’ contribution to MPF so that they can offer a just retirement protection for staff so as to retain their commitment to serving the underprivileged under a secure employment.