Y.F. Hui Social Work Trust Fund

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The Hong Kong Social Workers Association is a non-profit organisation established to promote the professionalism of social work in Hong Kong. Since 1949, the Association has been zealously promoting the professional advancement of social workers through its numerous educational endeavours including training courses, workshops, exchange programs, international conferences and the publication of books and journals. The Association strongly believes that life-long professional education is pivotal to the continual progress and development of the social work profession in Hong Kong and it is with this conviction that the Association decides to set up the "Y. F. Hui Social Work Professional Development Trust Fund" to further our long cherished mission.


Profile of Mr. Y. F. Hui, OBE, JP

Mr. Y. F. Hui is a distinguished and dedicated social work leader who has contributed significantly to the professional development of social work in Hong Kong. Mr. Hui has been serving in the Hong Kong Council of Social Service since 1967 and as its Director since 1973. He was also the President of Hong Kong Social Workers Association from 1969 to 1973. Besides, Mr. Hui also participated in numerous professional bodies and educational institutions including:

  • Chairman, H.K. Polytechnic Advisory Committee on Applied Social Studies
  • Chairman, Advisory Committee on Social Work Course, H.K. Baptist University
  • Chairman, Advisory Board on Social Work, Shue Yan College
  • Member and Vice Chairman, Advisory Committee on Social Work Training
  • Member, Advisory Committee of Department of Social Work and Social Administration, Hong Kong University.
  • Member, Board of Social Work, Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Member, Court of University of Hong Kong
  • Chairman, Hong Kong Social Welfare Personnel Registration Council

Mr. Hui has also been actively participating in numerous regional and international social work organisations to advance professional development, including:

  • Vice President, International Federation of Social Workers (1972-76)
  • Vice President, International Council on Social Welfare (1976-80)
  • President, ICSW (1980-84)
  • Member, International Advisory Board, ICSW (1986-2000)
  • Vice President, International Federation of Ageing (1988-2000)

Though Mr. Y.F. Hui has retired in June 2001, he is still deeply concerned with the professional development of social work in Hong Kong. He will continue to steer professional development of social work in Hong Kong through establishment of the Trust Fund.


Objectives of the Trust Fund:

  1. To provide opportunities for social work professionals to engage in continuous professional education.
  2. To promote continuous life-long education among social workers so as to enhance the professional development of social work in Hong Kong.


Functions of the Trust Fund:

  1. Organization of symposiums, seminars, training courses, talks, exchange programs, study tours and other related activities.
  2. Provision of scholarships and sponsorships for social workers to attend advanced specialized training programs.
  3. Preparation and publication of continuous social work educational materials for use by social work professionals.
  4. Other activities which are deemed necessary and appropriate to the pursuit of the intended objectives of the Trust Fund.


Board of Trustees

The Trust will be governed by a Board of 5 to 7 Trustees appointed by the Hong Kong Social Workers Association. The Board will be responsible for overseeing all matters relating to the administration and management of the Trust Fund and the discharge of its duties.


Your Participation and Support

For setting up the Fund, the targeted amount will be around HK$5,000,000. With the generous donation from enthusiastic donors, our Association has already successfully raised HK$1,000,000. However, we still urge for your support and participation in the future. Our Association will keep close contact with you so as to further discuss the fund-raising matter. If you have any queries, you are welcome to contact us at 2528-1802 or 2866-7942.

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