Social Work in Hong Kong

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   Editors: Iris CHI and Siu-kau CHEUNG
Price: Member $ 40; Non-Member $ 50


Table of contents:

  • Social Work In Hong Kong : An Introduction [Siu-kau CHEUNG & Iris CHI]
  • Social Work With Families And Children [Katherine P.H.YOUNG]
  • Social Work With Delinquents [Patricia GRAY]
  • Occupational Social Work [Andy Yik-lam FONG & Angelina W.K. YUEN-TSANG]
  • Social Work In The Rehabilitation Field [Siu-hong KONG]
  • Social Work And Mental Health [Kai-fong CHAN]
  • Social Work In Health Settings [Cecilia Lai-wan CHAN]
  • Social Work With The Elderly [Jik-joen LEE]
  • Services For Drug Abusers [Billy Chi-on HO]
  • Social Work And Services For Offenders [W.T.CHAN]
  • Social Work With New Arrivals [Nelson W.S. CHOW & Kit-mui HO]
  • Social Security And Poverty [Raymond NGAn]
  • Community Development : Past, Present And Future [Joe C.B. LEUNG]
  • Politics And Social Work [Ho-lup FUNG]
  • Social Work Education And Training [C.K. LAW]