Most Recent Global News (Aug 2017)

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 Most Recent Global News (Aug 2017)

Social Work and the Terror Attacks in Spain
by Ana Lima (Regional President, IFSW Europe and President, Spanish Council for Social Work)
-  On the profession’s role in responding to terror (British Association of Social Workers)

Global problems, local solutions – the role of social workers: Lessons from Africa (Africa Regional Conference report)
by Ruth Stark(President, IFSW)

Social Workers in Aotearoa New Zealand Take Action (protest march)
-  Social Workers March Against Austerity! (British Association of Social Workers)
- The Role of Social Work in Social Protection Systems: The Universal Right to Social Protection
- The Guardian: Why social workers are marching 100 miles in protest against austerity (by IFSW Secretary-General Rory Truell)

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